NPA Staff

Alan Gay
Director of Data Technology and Measurement Services

Alan works on the benchmarking efforts of NPA: DataPACE2, PMPM, Financial Ratios and Pay Rate. He also provides value-added analysis and custom reporting in support of the quality and data efforts...

Ameeta Mistry
Vice President of Data and Informatics

Ameeta provides leadership on all benchmarking activities at NPA. In a career spanning more than 12 years with health care and disease management companies, she has led high-performance teams in...

Asmaa Albaroudi
Policy Analyst

Asmaa provides research and analysis on federal and state regulations. She also collaborates with the NPA Quality and Compliance Team to bolster quality improvement efforts, PACE program...

Berry McCarthy
Director of Data and Technical Operations

Berry is the data manager for the NPA DataPACE2 benchmarking system. She collects and compiles data from PACE organizations used for Medicaid rate-setting and other policy initiatives and annually...

Betsy Gant
Vice President and General Counsel

As vice president and general counsel, Betsy is responsible for overseeing the legal aspects of the association and ensuring that NPA adheres to legal standards and in-house policies. She also...

Charles Fontenot
Senior Director of Health Plan Management and Reimbursement Policy

Charles directs Medicare and Medicaid payment assessment for NPA and provides payment-related technical assistance to members, including payment methodology, payment systems, and compliance with...

Chris van Reenen
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Chris evaluates all federal regulations and sub-regulatory guidances impacting PACE organizations. She communicates with CMS on NPA regulatory concerns and educates NPA members about PACE...

Francesca O’Reilly
Vice President of Advocacy

Fran is responsible for the advocacy activities of NPA, including congressional affairs, external affairs and coalitions, and advocacy support within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid...

Kasey Skeen
Manager of Education Services and Multimedia Content

Kasey assists in managing educational offerings at NPA, such as the annual conference, Spring Policy Forum and summer conference. She serves as the NPA liaison with conference exhibitors and...

Livia Moulds
Junior Data Analyst

Livia provides underlying support to the NPA Data Team and outreach to all PACE organizations regarding data. She is responsible for maintaining internal tracking tools and reference files, as...

Liz Parry
Senior Director of State Policy

Liz directs state policy work for NPA. She works closely with PACE organizations, as well as state administering agencies and State PACE Associations. Liz also monitors state policy issues for...

Nicole Daughters
Graphic and Digital Designer

Nicole oversees graphic and digital design at NPA to achieve the visual design and branding goals of the association. Having worked with associations for 15 years, she has extensive experience in...

Peter Fitzgerald
Executive Vice President of Policy and Strategy

Peter guides NPA's policy and advocacy efforts to support its strategic priorities. Prior to joining NPA, he was the Senior Vice President for Integrated Care Strategies at Volunteers of America,...

Randi Kudner
Data Analyst

Randi assists in managing the NPA DataPACE2 benchmarking system and oversees the internal data review process to ensure a consistent and reliable national dataset for the benefit of NPA member...

Rhonda Rose
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Rhonda is vice president of Finance and Administration at NPA.

Robert Greenwood
Vice President of Public Affairs

Robert leads efforts to increase awareness and understanding of the PACE Model of Care among the public, providers and health policy stakeholders. He has managed several initiatives, including the...

Sam Kunjukunju
Director of Project Management

Sam initiates, plans, and implements projects of strategic importance related to state and federal advocacy, regulations and compliance, and reimbursement to further the PACE model. He also serves...

Sharon Cochraham
Association Services Manager

Sharon coordinates the PACE Learning Series and is the first contact for NPA members, prospective PACE programs, and the public in search of PACE programs. She provides conference planning, supply...

Shawn Bloom
President and CEO

Shawn has been the president and CEO of NPA since 2000. He is responsible for the strategic direction, operational activities and overall performance of the association and leads state-related...

Sherry Fox
Manager of Communications

As manager of communications, Sherry implements the member communications strategy through coordination of the NPA website, newsletters, social media and other venues. Previously, she was managing...

Venise Lewis
Vice President of PACE Education and Learning

Venise is responsible for the educational curriculum of NPA. She coordinates and administers the NPA Annual Conference, Spring Policy Forum and NPA Summer Conference, as well as smaller workshops...

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