The relationships among PACE organizations, consumers, state and federal governments, and sponsoring organizations are heavily supported by high-quality data collected by PACE organizations. The PACE Community knows the importance of data in supporting day-to-day operations. Participants’ clinical and demographic information, service and utilization data, financial data and staffing levels are just a few of the data sets that PACE organizations rely on each day.

PACE Quantum

PACE Quantum is an initiative to integrate siloed data processes to connect quality, policy and data efforts in support of PACE performance, value, awareness, outcomes and advocacy. In recognition of the lack of uniform data across PACE and the growing importance of demonstrating PACE value, quality improvement and PACE organization performance management, NPA has been developing a standardized data set called the Common Data Set (CDS), as well as expanding and improving its benchmarking capabilities. PACE Quantum is the organized strategic effort by NPA to achieve these objectives.


NPA supports and maintains DataPACE2, a Web-based benchmarking measurement system that is a tool for collecting and processing data in four domains related to participant care:

  • Participants Served
  • Program Growth/Census Data
  • Quality
  • Service Utilization

PACE organizations can use DataPACE2 to analyze their performance relative to other PACE organizations and monitor the progress of their organization over time using the biannual reports. 

Financial Benchmarking

Financial Benchmark Reporting is a member service that allows participating organizations to compare the financial outcomes of their organization to census-based PACE aggregates. Financial benchmarking includes results from surveys that are conducted annually and biennially:

  • Per Member Per Month (PMPM) Income/Expense Report
  • Financial Ratios Report
  • PACE Census and Capitation Rate Report
  • Staffing Ratios Report (biennially)

Other PACE Benchmarking

Other Data Collection Efforts that NPA undertakes can inform PACE operations, efficiency and quality, and policy, regulatory and administrative issues.


The 2016 NPA Pay Rate Survey was distributed last month. The deadline for completing the survey is Friday, Feb. 24. Learn more about the survey.

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