All services and products offered through the NPA Shared Services program undergo a thorough evaluation in partnership with volunteer task forces comprised of PACE personnel. Once optimal options are identified, NPA negotiates with vendors to ensure affordable pricing and a high quality of services.

The Shared Services program provides NPA members with the following:

  • lower-cost products,
  • PACE-tailored products and services,
  • increased quality and efficiency, and
  • assured continuity of function.

NPA has established a market for services and solutions that assures investment by developers to effectively support PACE organizations. Ongoing customer satisfaction and quality assurance processes have been established with partners to address current and evolving needs. NPA has increased the efficiency of health plan management functions by establishing standardized data content and formats for information shared across multiple solutions. A continuity of functions provides PACE organizations with options that offer them back-up support for critical functions related to services and payment.

The Shared Services program currently offers products in the following service categories that are in high demand among PACE organizations:

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