Resources for States

Resources are available to assist states in developing PACE.

2017 PACE State Almanac

In consultation with PACE organizations and State PACE Associations, NPA has developed a State Almanac that assesses state performance in four major areas: Growth of PACE, Sustainability, Oversight and Flexibility, and Access to PACE.

State Strategy Papers

States are working to provide more long-term services and supports in community settings. PACE can be an important partner for states in achieving this goal

In 2016 NPA launched Wave 2 of the PACE Mystery Shopper study. NPA partnered with Second To None, a consumer experience research organization, to conduct mystery shopping of state and local options counseling services.

PACE State Specific Studies


NPA State PACE Association Partners

Currently, there are State PACE Associations in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

A directory of the State PACE Associations is now available as a PDF.









There are more than 100 PACE programs in 31 states. See how your demographics and service utilization compare with those of your peers.

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