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PACE did the impossible for my mother. I never thought she would be able to live with us again.
"PACE did the impossible for my mother. I never thought she would be able to live with us again."

Summer Conference Boasts
BBQ, Blues and Baseball

KANSAS CITY, MO – June 19, 2015 – The NPA Summer Conference drew approximately 200 people from across the country earlier this month to attend a Quality Symposium, a Medical Director Essentials Course and a Clinical Symposium.

The Quality Symposium, geared for quality leaders in PACE, included sessions such as “Developing a Quapi Plan” and “Level II Reporting.” The symposium featured a keynote address by Nimalie Stone, MD, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who spoke on infection control. The medical directors course addressed topics such as staffing, the PACE medical network and quality.

Key topics at the Clinical Symposium were ethics, Part D and geriatric prescribing. This year, attendees were able to participate in morning clinical rounds that included discussions of challenging cases. A visit to Midland PACE featured facility tours, a video of its Topeka site, and a discussion on regional expansion efforts. The symposium concluded with a stellar rap-style performance by David Wilner, MD, medical director at Summit ElderCare, who offered a creative presentation on “The Role of the Provider in PACE.”

The conference featured ample time for networking. Social events included dinner at the legendary Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque, an evening of jazz at the famous Blue Room, and a Friday night baseball game between the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers in beautiful Kauffman Stadium. The finale was a 20-minute fireworks display choreographed to music. NPA thanks RTZ Associates for sponsoring transportation to the ballgame.

NPA Announces Launch of
Leadership Training Program

The National PACE Association (NPA) is excited to announce the launch of a Leadership Training Program developed and facilitated in partnership with On Lok PACEpartners.

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) is a complex model of care that is growing faster than the number of trained or experienced PACE leaders. The need for PACE leadership training opportunities is paramount to the future success of each program and for PACE as a whole.

The new Leadership Training Program, which will be offered annually, is geared toward new PACE executives, as well as individuals exploring PACE as an option. For experienced PACE leaders, the course will provide a deeper understanding of PACE leadership requirements and new skills.

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CMS Study Opens Door to
For-Profit Sponsors for PACE

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has published the study of for-profit PACE demonstration programs conducted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). HHS submitted the results of the study to Congress on June 2 in response to its call for the study in the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, the legislation that created PACE as a permanent Medicare provider type and optional state Medicaid service.

With the submission of the study to Congress, CMS announced that it would no longer take not-for-profit or for-profit status into account when accepting and reviewing PACE provider applications. As a result, the door is open for the first time for for-profit sponsors to develop PACE programs.

“It is no surprise that the PACE approach remains an effective model under for-profit sponsorship,” NPA president and CEO Shawn Bloom said in a statement about the study. “PACE has demonstrated over and over again that it is a self-correcting model, providing financial incentives for delivering high-quality care and services.”

He congratulated the staff at Senior LIFE, the organization that sponsors the for-profit PACE organizations in the study. “Senior LIFE is now recognized as a full PACE provider in the eyes of CMS,” Bloom said.

Participate Now in NPA
PMPM Benchmarking Service

The National PACE Association (NPA) invites PACE programs to participate in the FY 2014 update of its Financial Benchmarking Service. Programs that participate in the service will have access to per member per month (PMPM) cost benchmarks and financial ratio benchmarks that reflect the experience of other participating programs.

Through this service, NPA aims to be responsive to the requests that are received from members for financial comparison information. The service will allow programs to compare their costs, revenues and financial indicators over time with the aggregate benchmarks created from the submitted data of other participating providers. Only participating programs will have access to the benchmark information.

Participation is limited to NPA members and is offered as a membership service at no additional cost. Last year, 64 programs participated in the benchmarking service. More are expected to participate this year.

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