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Without PACE, I would not be able to keep working and care for my mother. Without the day program, I don't think I would have a life. It's wonderful.
"Without PACE, I would not be able to keep working and care for my mother. Without the day program, I don't think I would have a life. It's wonderful."

Update on New ICD-10
Implementation Date

Aug. 26, 2014 – In 2011 the ICD-9-CM Coordination & Maintenance (C&M) Committee implemented a partial freeze of the ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 (ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS) codes until a year after the implementation of ICD-10. Implementation has been delayed until Oct. 1, 2015, by a final rule (CMS-0043-F) issued on July 31.

The National PACE Association (NPA) is finalizing a new model superbill that will reflect the ICD-10 codes as well as an ICD-9/ICD-10 "crosswalk." As we proceed into 2015, training sessions will be offered to assist organizations with this transition. A vast array of ICD-10 resources is available to assist PACE organizations. For more information, contact Charles Fontenot, director of Reimbursement.

Click here to learn more about implementation of the partial freeze, public input, and CMS resources to help Medicare fee-for-service providers understand and prepare for the transition.

PACE Nurses Invited to Get
Involved with Consortium

By Mary Austin and Karen Madden

The United States has the opportunity to transform its health care system to provide seamless and affordable quality care that is accessible to all, patient-centered and evidence-based and leads to improved health outcomes, according to a 2011 report on the future of nursing by the Institute of Medicine (“The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health”). Achieving these goals will require change in many aspects of the health care system.

This is especially true for the nursing profession, the largest segment of the health care workforce. NPA established the Nursing Consortium in 2010 to provide a support system for nurses who work in PACE throughout the country.

As the number of PACE organizations and participants increase, the Nursing Consortium is poised to grow as well. We invite all interested PACE nurses to become involved with the consortium to share best practices, participate in the learning forums, and contribute to the advancement of nursing in PACE.

Read more.

Members Elect Eight to
Serve on Board of Directors

NPA members have elected eight individuals to serve on the NPA Board of Directors. Their terms of office begin in October at the 2014 NPA Annual Conference.

The elected board members are Judy Baskins, COO of Ambulatory Services at Palmetto Health; Cliff Bauer, senior vice president, COO and president of Miami Jewish Health Systems/Florida PACE Centers; Kelly Carter, PACE program officer at Community Care; Tim Clontz, executive vice president of Health Services at Cone Health; Ellen Garcia, executive director of Providence ElderPlace; Kelly Hopkins, vice president of PACE and Long-Term Managed Care at CHE Trinity Health; Thomas Muszynski, executive director of Care Resources; and David Wilner, MD, vice president and medical director at Summit ElderCare-Fallon Health.

Peter DeGolia, MD, CMD, medical director at McGregor PACE, will join the board as an ex officio member representing the NPA Primary Care Committee.

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Sept. 12 Is Deadline to Submit
Benchmark Information

NPA invites PACE programs to participate in this year’s update of the PACE Financial Benchmarking Service, which is collecting data for fiscal year 2013. Programs participating in the service will have access to per member per month (PMPM) cost benchmarks and financial ratio benchmarks reflecting the experience of other participating PACE programs.

Through this service, NPA aims to be responsive to member requests for financial comparison information. The service will allow programs to compare their costs, revenues and financial indicators over time with the aggregate benchmark created from the submitted data of other participating PACE providers. Only participating programs will have access to the benchmark information. Participation is limited to NPA members and is offered as a membership service at no additional cost.

The deadline for submitting information is Sept. 12. For more information, contact Alan Gay, director of Data Technology & Measurement Services.

Read more about the 2014 update of the PACE Financial Benchmarking Service.


Boston (Leise Jones Photography)

International Interest in PACE
Includes Recent U.K. Visitors

By Teresa Belgin

The success of PACE in the United States has generated international interest and even replication in some countries.

In Singapore, with the collaboration of PACE founder Mary-Louise Ansak, the Agency for Integrated Care developed the Singapore Programme for Integrated Care for the Elderly (SPICE), an adaptation of PACE. SPICE provides person-centered care via an interdisciplinary team, much like PACE. Canada, Nigeria, Taiwan and other countries also have expressed interest in learning more about the model of care and payment mechanisms behind PACE to develop similar long-term care options for the frail elderly population.

NPA recently hosted leaders from Marches Care, a family-owned company that operates a nursing home and senior day center facility specializing in dementia care in Shrewsbury, U.K. Managing director Mandy Thorn and nurse manager Carey Bloomer visited Boston in June to tour five PACE organizations and learn more about the provision of integrated care, as well as the financing mechanisms behind PACE.

Read more about their visit here and efforts back home.

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