NPA Policy Agenda – January 2020

  1. Facilitate Continued Growth and Expansion of PACE: NPA will seek to eliminate administrative and regulatory barriers to growth of the PACE model of care within the Medicare and Medicaid programs; will work to ensure appropriate Medicare and Medicaid payments to support sustainability and growth of PACE; and will increase awareness of, access to, and utilization of PACE by other federal entities, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Administration for Community Living, states and other interested stakeholders.
  2. Enhance PACE Affordability and Access for Medicare-Only Beneficiaries: NPA will advocate for Medicare-only beneficiaries to have the choice between a PACE Part D plan or a marketplace plan, the ability to pay a premium rate reflecting their individual health status in PACE, and access to PACE in all states.
  3. Facilitate PACE-Specific and PACE-Like Pilots: NPA will urge CMS and other stakeholders to implement both PACE-specific and PACE-like pilots so the efficacy of the PACE care model may be tested with new, previously unserved populations.

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