Technical Assistance Centers (TACs) are those entities or individuals that provide assistance to organizations exploring, developing, operating, or expanding Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®). 

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include specialized and timely knowledge and ready access to information and tools that enhance your ability to promote the PACE model and serve your clients. 

  • Start-Up and Operational Resources: The Core Resource Set for PACE (CRSP) is a compendium of tools designed to assist PACE programs, developed from,operating PACE programs. 
  • Policy Issues: The NPA monthly newsletter, timely updates and online resources will keep you up to date on emerging issues, trends and federal regulations that are essential “must-knows” for any entity providing PACE-related consulting.
  • Targeted Learning Experiences: Join with other NPA members to share your knowledge and learn from experts in the field. The NPA Annual Conference, which is held in the fall, is the only event of its kind dedicated to the unique needs of PACE organizations. Other periodic events address timely issues, such as emerging federal regulations. Monthly teleconferences are targeted to various disciplines and feature practical information in an easily accessible format.  TAC members are encouraged to serve as presenters at these events and to host exhibits that educate attendees on the technical assistance services available to them.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning and Communications: A variety of discipline-specific list serves provides you with opportunities to discuss issues directly with key employees of PACE programs. Keep in touch with PACE leaders throughout the United States via your access to and inclusion in the online NPA Membership Directory.
  • PACE: The Future of Long-Term Care: This video is an informative tool that can be used to educate organizational leaders, community leaders, government officials and others about PACE.

Join NPA Now!

Organizations that are owned and operated by a PACE provider are eligible for a PACE Program-Based TAC membership only if the provider organization is also a member of NPA. The annual membership is $4,050 (in addition to the Provider membership). To begin your membership, complete the PACE Program-Based TAC Member Application and return it with payment to NPA.

Individuals or organizations that are not owned or operated by a PACE provider are eligible for a Non-PACE Program-Based TAC membership. The annual membership is $5,555. To begin your membership, complete the Non-PACE Program-Based TAC Member Application and return it with payment to NPA.

For more information, contact Jeff Olszewski.

There are more than 260 PACE centers in 30 states. Find your local PACE program.

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