The NPA Summer Conference Series is being presented in an exciting new format this year. The virtual event offers a combination of half-day workshops and interactive webinars geared to providing a platform for greater engagement and networking opportunities among attendees. The theme is "Health Care Disparities and Social Determinants of Health." Sessions focus on topics that are pertinent to quality improvement, medical leadership and clinical issues impacting PACE.

The Summer Conference Series features a Quality Webinar Series, a Clinical Workshop Series and a Medical Director Essentials (MDE) Course. Live 2.5-hour workshops and 90-minute webinars will be presented over a period of several months. All sessions are being recorded and will remain available to attendees through Jan. 10, 2022.

The MDE Course is an encore presentation of the 2020 MDE Course, with access to the complete library of prerecorded sessions, as well as live Q&A sessions with course faculty. The self-study course features PACE medical directors presenting on issues in PACE and utilizes the resources of the PACE Medical Director's Handbook. Panel discussions follow a series of themes. Attendees hear from experienced PACE medical leadership and learn strategies to address the challenging problems they face daily.

The NPA Summer Conference Series brings together cross-sectional PACE leaders and provides an opportunity to discuss actionable, tactical and scalable solutions to health care disparities and social determinants of health challenges in order to achieve better outcomes for those served by PACE.

The event offers continuing education credits for physicians, nurses and medical directors.

For more information and to register, visit our event site.

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