PACE is a complex model of care that is growing faster than the number of trained or experienced PACE leaders. The need for PACE leadership training opportunities is paramount to the future success of each program and for PACE as a whole. Existing leaders often are promoted or hired prior to developing a solid foundation of skills and competencies needed for effective PACE leadership. To address this issue the National PACE Association, in partnership with On Lok PACEpartners, developed the PACE Leadership Training Program.

Participants selected for the 2017-2018 PACE Leadership Training Program had in-person training after the NPA Annual Conference last fall. Deep-dive self-study began in November and will continue until next month. During this time, program participants will visit one of the eight pre-selected PACE sites located across the country. An in-person wrap-up and roundtable discussion will conclude the program on Wednesday, March 21, following the NPA Spring Policy Forum in Washington, DC.

The PACE Leadership Training Program is designed for new PACE executives, as well as individuals exploring PACE as an option. For experienced PACE leaders, the program provides a deeper understanding of PACE leadership requirements and new skills.

The program consists of nine subject modules covering key PACE leadership topics. Topics include attributes of effective leadership, quality care delivery, regulatory compliance and policy, center operations, reliable management systems, financial success, census and growth, and external factors impacting PACE. The final topic is “Taking the Journey Forward for Continuing Development of PACE.”

For more information, contact Venise Lewis.

Participants in the 2017-2018 PACE Leadership Training Program

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