The Primary Care Committee has developed several model practice documents to assist in the provision of services under the PACE® Model of Care:

Developed by PACE medical directors and providers, these model practices serve as guidelines/advisories for several common medical conditions, referencing and collating elements from published consensus documents related to a specific condition.

The model practices assume that the goals of care for PACE participants can be divided into three broad categories:

  • promoting longevity,
  • optimizing function, and
  • providing palliative care.

Accordingly, the model practices suggest different approaches depending on whether the goal is life extension, function or palliation. The primary care physician will need to determine which recommendations are appropriate for each participant based on the individual’s preferences, life expectancy, and expected benefit versus burden of specific interventions.

These documents may be shared among the clinicians of an NPA member organization, but they may not be reproduced or distributed beyond the organization without obtaining the express written consent of the National PACE Association. Contact Mia Phifer to request permission to reproduce or distribute these model practices.

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