As a service to our members, we provide this list of acronyms related to health care, PACE and NPA.

List Serves

NPA offers a dozen discipline-specific list serves. Members may join one or more of the list serves and benefit from the discussion and exchange of ideas with individuals who share similar interests. Documents that have been referenced on the list serves also are posted in this section.

Member Communications

NPA has implemented a number of efforts to enhance member communications, both between the association and its members and among member organizations.

NPA Newsletter

Keeping the PACE is the monthly NPA e-newsletter, providing information on association activities, member news, and other items of interest to the PACE Community.

National PACE Month Resources

Each September is National PACE Month.  NPA creates a theme and resources for use at the national, state and local level to increase awareness and understanding of PACE. 

PACE Awareness

As part of its PACE Awareness efforts, the NPA Communications staff works with the marketing and intake staffs at member organizations to build greater awareness of the PACE Model of Care. Topics of the monthly PACE Awareness calls include media relations, community events, referral networks, social media, and the PACE intake and enrollment process.

PACE Marketing 101

PACE Marketing 101 is a collection of key resources for PACE marketing efforts.

Professional Consortiums

In recognition of the important and unique roles fulfilled by PACE program staff, NPA developed professional consortiums for the disciplines within PACE. The concept of the consortiums developed out of the need for individuals with common interests to network and exchange ideas and best practices. The groups participate in conference calls every other month and communicate regularly via the NPA list serves. The primary objective for the consortiums is to work toward the development of an independent work group that will be responsible for researching and preparing presentations on specific areas of interest and then reporting their findings to the group during conference calls or the NPA Annual Conference. Consortiums currently are available for nurses, recreation specialists, social workers, therapists and transportation. 





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