Curriculum Development Guide for Training Health Professionals in Interdisciplinary Geriatric Care: A key ingredient of successful interdisciplinary members is the ability to work as a team. This training often is missing from the education and training provided to most team members. Assembly Instructions.

NPA Member Handbook: An overview of the benefits and resources available to PACE organizations and their staffs through NPA membership.

PACE Facts: A brief overview of PACE.

Sample PACE Job Descriptions: Hiring people who are compassionate, competent and team players is the key to success.

Sample PACE Organizational Charts: PACE organizations often are sponsored by larger organizations with a history of providing service to their communities. The relationship between a PACE program and its sponsoring organization can be structured in many ways.

Sample PACE Provider Contracts: While the interdisciplinary team provides the bulk of the hands-on care to participants, PACE organizations contract for services, specialty care and inpatient services.

Sample PACE Staff Competencies: PACE organizations are required to have their staff demonstrate competency appropriate to their discipline.

Understanding the PACE Operating Experience and Critical Success Factors: This NPA publication helps sponsors better understand the core competencies organizations  must develop to operate a PACE organization.



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