Since PACE enrollees meet the frailty criteria to receive nursing home care but continue to live in their own homes, it is crucial to ensure their safety in that environment. PACE enrollees often find themselves alone in their home, and close monitoring helps PACE and caregivers prevent accidents or provide a quick response when needed.

NPA strategic partners offer PACE organizations a variety of services: telehealth, personal emergency response, fall detection and remote patient monitoring solutions.


Continuity of care is critical for older adults and patients with chronic or complex conditions. GrandPad, the first purpose-built tablet for seniors, is the smart, simple and safe way to connect PACE participants with family, friends and caregivers. PACE organizations use the GrandPad telehealth platform to digitally engage their participants to improve care and outcomes. GrandPads may be used for telehealth visits with the interdisciplinary team, as well as video-based social activities, including bingo, worship services and yoga classes.

In addition, GrandPad delivers freedom from the loneliness and isolation that often accompany aging. The GrandPad is a safe, simple and secure environment that allows the senior to connect with family and friends who can be invited, via a secure private link, to be a part of the senior’s private family network. Contacts then connect via a desktop computer through GrandPad Central or with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet using the free GrandPad companion app.

With the free GrandPad companion app, contacts can do the following:

  • place video or phone calls directly to the GrandPad, and
  • share and comment on pictures and videos..

The future of senior care can be enhanced through robust digital engagement. GrandPad offers a simple, safe and effective platform that allows PACE clinicians to interact with participants virtually while reducing loneliness and social isolation. Review this overview and resources (you must be logged in to view).


Philips Home Monitoring

Philips Home Monitoring provides innovative services for the home that connect individuals to their health care providers and support independent living for seniors and those with chronic conditions. Philips Lifeline supports independence and well-being through its state-of-the-art medical alert and automated medication dispensing services, while Philips Telehealth Solutions enables clinicians to remotely monitor patients in the comfort of their home.

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Two new products, GoSafe and CareSage, are now available to NPA members.

GoSafe is ideal for active or wandering participants. The advanced mobile personal medical alert has six sophisticated locating capabilities for in, near, or out of the house. GoSafe features auto fall detection that will alert and notify automatically without the need to press a button. Empower your participants to live independently with more confidence and safety. Part of the Philips Lifeline Home Monitoring portfolio, GoSafe provides PACE programs with tools to effectively manage vulnerable populations, improve resource allocation, and reduce costs while maximizing patient well-being.

CareSage is an in-home risk prediction program that works with the Philips Lifeline auto fall detection service to help PACE programs with population management. CareSage connects care providers, stratifies patients by risk, and sends alerts when patients escalate into higher risk classifications. Using a predictive algorithm validated by Partners in Care of Boston, CareSage predicts the need for hospital transport in the next 30 days. Programs can obtain actionable insights from visual dashboards for real-time, active intervention before hospital transport. CareSage provides visibility across and between care transitions to optimize care resources while improving patient outcomes.


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