NPA Contributes to First PACE Telehealth Playbook

December 2, 2021

The National PACE Association (NPA) is a proud contributor to the first PACE Telehealth Playbook: Using Telehealth to Care for Seniors at Programs for the All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly by West Health.

The playbook, written in collaboration with the Gary and Mary West PACE program, is now available as a free downloadable manual for health care organizations exploring telehealth as a tool for advancing and improving senior care. From phone calls and video visits to sustainability and legal considerations, the guide addresses chronic care management and strategies to improve the management of mental health conditions, among other concerns.

The average PACE participant is 77 years old, has six chronic conditions, and requires six prescriptions. Almost half have some form of dementia as well.

“Managing such a clinically and socioeconomically complex caseload of seniors is a complicated endeavor,” Zia Agha, MD, chief medical officer at the Gary and Mary West Health Institute, and Ross Colt, MD, medical director at Gary and Mary West PACE, write in the introduction. “This guide describes new, innovative ways of using telehealth to manage clinical care and the expenses related to these high expense categories, with the goal of supporting PACE in providing high-quality care to seniors in a financially sustainable manner.”

West Health acknowledged the contributions of Mia Phifer, MSJ, vice president of Quality at NPA, and Chris van Reenen, PhD, MPP, vice president of Regulatory Affairs at NPA, in developing the playbook.

“NPA is appreciative of the opportunity to collaborate with West Health on the development of this guide," said Phifer. "We anticipate that the PACE community will benefit greatly from this invaluable resource.”

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