PACE-RI Awarded Grant to Purchase Technology for Day Center

January 7, 2019

PACE Organization of Rhode Island (PACE-RI) has been awarded a $28,000 grant from the Champlin Foundation that will be used to upgrade safety and security systems at its day center in Providence.

Equipment purchased for the day center will include a new “swipe” system for tracking participant day center activity and a new nurse call system. PACE-RI will procure innovative technology that automatically performs hourly head counts of participants, and the nurse call system will help clinical staff quickly react to client needs.

“Forty-five percent of our participants have Alzheimer’s or dementia, which often comes with a risk for wandering,” said Bill Kirkpatrick, vice president of PACE-RI. “These upgrades will help us best care for our participants with these unique needs, as well as ensure caregivers that their loved one is safe.”

“The Champlin Foundation is pleased to provide grant funding to the PACE Organization of Rhode Island to help this important community nonprofit advance its vital mission,” said executive director Nina Stack. “Our grants are awarded on a competitive basis, and our gift to PACE is a reflection of our confidence in their ability to improve the lives of Rhode Islanders in significant ways.”

This is the second time PACE-RI has been awarded a grant from the foundation.

PACE Organization of Rhode Island is a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®). The health plan proactively helps older adults with their health care so they can remain in the community connected to family and friends. The full-service health care and coverage serves adults age 55 and over with chronic health needs who want to live at home. Health care and support services include primary care, access to specialists, prescription drugs and durable medical equipment, dental care, 24-hour emergency services, home care, transportation to all medical appointments, meals, and physical, speech, occupational and respiratory therapies.

Since 1932, the Champlin Foundation has awarded more than $550 million to fund capital projects and equipment for Rhode Island nonprofit organizations. These investments have fostered better medical care, improved education, expanded access to social services, conservation of open spaces, preservation of historic buildings, enrichment of the arts, advancement of animal welfare, and more.

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