Webinar Series on PACE 2.0 Best Practices for Growth

February 28, 2022

A new webinar series titled PACE 2.0 Best Practices for Growth kicked off on March 8 and will continue through August. NPA, The Improvement Lab and the PACE 2.0 learning collaboratives will present six webinars to share best practices that have helped PACE organizations successfully increase their net monthly enrollment by more than four times their previous average. We invite you to take part in this webinar series as we facilitate in-depth discussions about positive practices that span the enrollment process.

The first webinar in the series focused on tactics for streamlining the enrollment process to reduce the time for enrolling potential participants and support PACE organizations in using staff resources more efficiently. With continued workforce challenges across the health care sector, implementing tactics to make the best use of staff time and resources can support PACE organizations in growing and continuing to provide high-quality services to all participants.

Advance registration is required to attend the webinars.

Who Should Attend

The best practices discussed in the webinar series will include integrated processes that have the potential to impact and require the involvement of multiple functions within a PACE organization. NPA encourages a range of staff to participate, including leadership (e.g., executive director), outreach and enrollment, clinical and quality improvement. Organizations that have participation across various functions will be better positioned to implement best practices.

Attending all of the webinars in the series is not required, but learning will build from each webinar, so we encourage full participation if possible.

Series Schedule

The webinars will be held 12:30-2 p.m. ET via Zoom.

  • March 8: Pre-Qualifying Eligibility for PACE
  • April 12: Confirming Eligibility for PACE
  • May 17: Enrolling in PACE
  • June 14: Delivering Care and Preventing Disenrollment
  • July 12: TBA
  • Aug. 9: TBA

Optional “office hours” to ask questions and discuss trying the best practices in your organization will be offered 12:30-1:30 p.m. ET on April 26, May 25 and June 28.

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