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Participant evaluation is a critical performance measure for all organizations providing health care and long-term care services, including PACE. The Integrated Satisfaction Measurement for PACE (I-SATTM) survey instrument is designed specifically for PACE to measure participant, family/caregiver and employee satisfaction.

As a reliable and valid means for collecting quality of care information from PACE participants, the I-SAT allows PACE programs to gain actionable insights into the full range of services they provide. It assists PACE organizations in meeting regulatory reporting requirements and identifies the priority areas for quality improvement.

The I-SAT provides the following:

  • Cross-Site Comparisons
  • National Benchmarking
  • Longitudinal Analysis

The I-SAT was developed in 2009 by the California PACE Association (CalPACE) in partnership with Vital Research to assess participant satisfaction in PACE programs across California. The I-SAT has since expanded to more than 20 states. To date, Vital Research has conducted over 60,000 I-SAT interviews in nearly 75 percent of the PACE centers across the country.


Norma Carrillo-Van Tongeren
Project Manager
Harold Urman, PhD
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