On June 7, 2017 Cheryl Wilson, CEO of St. Paul’s Senior Services, in San Diego, CA, testified on behalf of the National PACE Association during a hearing on "Promoting Integrated and Coordinated Care for Medicare Beneficiaries" held by the Health Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee. You can read her written testimony and oral testimony and view a video of the hearing.

Health Subcommittee chair Pat Tiberi (R-OH-12) and ranking member Sander Levin (D-MI-9) featured both the accomplishments of PACE and the existing impediments to growth during the hearing. Levin observed in his opening statement that the PACE model “has shown promising results by providing coordinated care to frail elderly populations. Although its footprint is small, PACE has allowed thousands of Americans to maintain their independence by providing nursing home-level care in community settings.”

Tiberi noted in his opening statement the benefits of PACE to participants and their families, as well as the challenges faced by PACE organizations in offering the model of care to additional Medicare beneficiaries. “Although this program offers seniors and their caregivers a great opportunity to stay in the community and receive the care they need, the criteria for entering a PACE organization remains very restrictive,” he said. “Additionally, the regulatory and administrative burdens of operating a PACE facility can often make it difficult for PACE organizations to expand and grow to serve more beneficiaries.”

Media coverage of the hearing included articles by Inside Health Policy, PACE Providers Seek Regulatory Relief for New PACE Sites at Hearing, and Modern Healthcare, House Lawmakers Ask How Medicare Can Manage Complex Patients Better. NPA also issued a press release.




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