Resources for States

Resources are available to assist states in developing PACE.

2017 PACE State Almanac

In consultation with PACE organizations and State PACE Associations, NPA has developed a State Almanac that assesses state performance in four major areas: Growth of PACE, Sustainability, Oversight and Flexibility, and Access to PACE.

State Scorecard

NPA created a State Scorecard as a measurement tool for PACE organizations and states to assess key metrics for growing, expanding, and sustaining PACE.

State Strategy Papers

States are working to provide more long-term services and supports in community settings. PACE can be an important partner for states in achieving this goal. Learn more about State Strategy Papers.

In 2016 NPA launched Wave 2 of the PACE Mystery Shopper study. NPA partnered with Second To None, a consumer experience research organization, to conduct mystery shopping of state and local options counseling services.

Learn more about Options Counseling.

PACE State-Specific Studies

NPA State PACE Association Partners

Currently, there are State PACE Associations in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

A directory of the State PACE Associations is now available as a PDF.









There are more than 120 PACE programs in 31 states. See how your demographics and service utilization compare with those of your peers.

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