NPA has updated its State Almanac, reflecting the status of states as of the first quarter of 2019, when the information was collected.

Developed in consultation with PACE organizations and State PACE Associations, the almanac assesses state performance in five major areas:

  • Growth of PACE,
  • Sustainability,
  • Oversight and Flexibility,
  • Alternatives to PACE, and
  • Access to PACE.

While NPA updates the almanac on an annual basis, information can be updated whenever state policies change. Please contact Liz Parry, senior director of State Policy, regarding policy updates.

An overview of how each state manages new program growth as well as existing program growth.

An overview of how each state handles rate setting and if the state has Medicaid long-term services and supports. 

An overview of the licensees each state requires.

An overview of states’ policies that impact how quickly participants can enroll in PACE.

An overview of other Medicaid capitation models available in the state. 


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