FY 2022 NPA Annual Report

The FY 2022 NPA Annual Report is now available.

How NPA Supports PACE Programs

Advocacy and Federal Policy

NPA works closely with members of Congress, senior administration officials and their staff, and state policy-makers to educate and promote a reimbursement and regulatory environment that enables PACE programs to continue to provide high-quality, individualized and innovative care.

NPA also works in coalition with other organizations in Washington, DC, to advocate for strengthening the ability of the health care system to provide appropriate care and to support the efforts of families and friends to assist older Americans.

Visit the Federal Policy and Advocacy section to learn more.


NPA maintains 20 e-communities for PACE staff, provides resources for National PACE Month in September, hosts monthly webinars to discuss PACE Awareness issues, and sends out a monthly e-newsletter called Keeping the PACE, as well as a weekly Headlines email.


NPA collects data from participating PACE sites to help them compare the provision of services and participant characteristics across PACE sites. This benchmarking data help PACE staff to continuously improve service delivery.


NPA hosts three conferences each year and facilitates programs to help PACE organizations learn from one another and from experts in the field.


NPA is committed to supporting the study of innovative and integrated models of care with the goal of improving the lives of frail older persons and others, regardless of the health care setting. Visit our Research section to learn more.

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