Honorees in the Field

The NPA Awards Program recognizes individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions on behalf of PACE and NPA. Recipients can be members, volunteers or elected officials who have been advocates for the continued growth of PACE.

Marie Louise Ansak Award

The Marie-Louise Ansak Award was created in 1999 as a tribute to the founder of PACE. The award recognizes the ingenuity, hard work and sacrifice of an individual PACE program employee who has worked to improve the quality of life for one or more frail older persons. Recipients of this award demonstrate unselfishness, originality, innovation and creativity; enhance the PACE program, interdisciplinary team and participants; make a difference in the life of one or more PACE participants; and epitomize the concept of team player.

2023 Honoree

Alex Ketner, MS, OTR/L, director of Rehabilitation Services at Harbor Health Services, Inc., in Mattapan, MA, is the recipient of the 2023 Marie-Louise Ansak Award.

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Judy Baskins Volunteer Leadership Award

The Judy Baskins Volunteer Leadership Award was created to recognize volunteer leaders for their significant contributions to NPA. Much of the success of NPA can be attributed to the commitment, passion and inspiration of our volunteer leaders.

When Judy Baskins stepped down as NPA board chair in 2002 after eight years, the NPA Awards Committee decided to present her with the first Volunteer Leadership Award. Subsequently, the award was renamed the Judy Baskins Volunteer Leadership Award in recognition of her exceptional leadership at NPA since its founding in 1994.

Recipients of this award provide outstanding leadership to NPA through participation as a board, committee or task force member or in another leadership capacity; demonstrate commitment to furthering the growth of NPA and PACE; effect positive change in the association; and advocate on behalf of the individuals served by PACE.

2023 Honoree

Robert Schreiber, MD, AGSF, vice president and national medical director of myPlace Health, in Long Beach, CA, is the recipient of the 2023 Judy Baskins Volunteer Leadership Award.

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Outstanding PACE Nurse of the Year Award

The NPA Nursing Consortium presents the Outstanding PACE Nurse of the Year Award, which distinguishes an individual who provides and promotes the highest quality nursing care for PACE participants.

This award recognizes a nurse currently employed in a PACE program who embraces and promotes the ideals of PACE, including person-centered care, empowerment of participants and families, and support for the interdisciplinary process; enthusiastically promotes the role of the nurse on the PACE interdisciplinary care team; and contributes significantly to PACE by developing, promoting, and ensuring quality, evidence-based nursing services.

Recipients of this award have at least three years of experience in PACE; provide expert and compassionate nursing care to frail elders; enhance the PACE program, participants and interdisciplinary team; and make a difference in the lives of PACE participants.

2023 Honoree

Lai-Wah Tam, RN, Float RN Lead at On Lok PACE, in San Francisco, CA, is the 2023 Outstanding PACE Nurse of the Year Award recipient.

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    NPA Public Service Award

    The NPA Public Service Award was created to recognize public or elected officials from federal, state or local governments. Awards are presented annually at the NPA Spring Policy Forum. To be nominated, individuals must demonstrate a commitment to PACE and the individuals it serves, advocate for the growth and expansion of PACE, and provide leadership on behalf of NPA and its members.

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    PACE Special Recognition Award

    Robert Edmondson, outgoing CEO of On Lok Lifeways, in San Francisco, CA, received this award at the 2016 NPA Spring Policy Forum.

    PACE Lifetime Achievement Award

    The PACE Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize policy-makers who have demonstrated an unwavering and sustained commitment to improving the lives of seniors through the PACE program. The award recognizes the central role the person has played in the development and ongoing success of the PACE program. Congressman Peter Stark (D-CA) received this award in 2013.