Recording of NPA Annual Business Meeting Available

Due to the pandemic, NPA held a virtual annual conference in 2020. If you missed the annual business meeting held online on Nov. 20, a livestream recording is available.

During the meeting, chairs of the NPA Education, Nominating, Primary Care, Public Policy, Quality, and Clinical and Operational Data Analysis committees provided updates on their activities over the past year. In addition, the NPA president and CEO gave a comprehensive overview of the state of PACE, and the treasurer presented a report on the financial position of the association.

Membership in the National PACE Association

Whether you represent a fully operational Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®); an organization exploring, evaluating, or pursuing PACE development; a health care services provider operating with capitated payments; or an organization that supports the underlying principles of PACE, membership in the National PACE Association (NPA) connects you to a growing number of leaders who share a vision and dedication to providing innovative care for frail older adults. Join NPA today and become part of the only national association devoted to PACE and its comprehensive approach to care.

PACE Organizations by State

A list of PACE Organizations by State is available. 

Memberships for PACE and Health Care Services Programs

NPA offers a seamless array of membership levels that meet the varied and changing needs of an organization as it progresses from consideration of the PACE Model of Care to ongoing, full operational status.

  • Exploring PACE Membership: This membership will assist you in assessing whether PACE development is the right strategic decision for your organization – today and in the future.
  • Prospective Provider Membership: Once you have made the decision to pursue PACE development, a Prospective Provider membership will assist you in developing a PACE program and completing the PACE Provider application.
  • Provider Membership: Fully operational PACE programs face ongoing challenges from both an operational perspective and in complying with ever-changing regulatory requirements. A Provider membership offers targeted services to assist you in improving your operations and proactively identifying and complying with federal regulations that uniquely impact PACE programs.
  • Capitated Provider Membership: This membership provides targeted services to health care providers operating with capitated payments to assist them in operating a successful program.

TAC Membership

Technical Assistance Center Membership: This membership provides Technical Assistance Centers (TACs) with knowledge, information and tools they can use in providing expertise and guidance to organizations that are exploring, developing, operating, or expanding PACE programs. 

Associate Membership

Associate Membership: Organizations that do not meet the qualifications for one of the memberships listed above but share a vision and dedication to providing innovative care for older adults benefit from an Associate membership by keeping abreast of emerging trends and issues impacting PACE.

There are more than 260 PACE centers in 31 states. Find your local PACE program.

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