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National PACE Month in September is an opportunity to celebrate the innovation of Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) in meeting the challenge of supporting staff and participants through the COVID-19 pandemic and looking ahead to new opportunities in the future. It is a chance for PACE organizations to generate local media coverage, perhaps host the community as PACE centers reopen, engage in activities for participants, and celebrate the work of their staff.

This year, as we face staffing shortages, we seek to place a spotlight on the special people who work at PACE. It is their efforts, day in and day out, that raise the quality of of life for PACE participants.  

Activities Guide


NPA has produced a variety of poster designs for PACE programs to use locally. Space is provided on the posters for programs to insert their name, logo and contact information. You can download the poster materials, packaged in Adobe Illustrator format, by clicking on thumbnail images.

This year the posters feature video testimonials form PACE staff and a PACE participant. The stories highlight the care PACE provides as well as PACE as a fulfilling workplace. NPA thanks the staff at On Lok PACE , Senior LIFE and Trinity Health PACE for their help in telling these stories. 

If you would like specific files to personalize the posters further with your own photography or other elements, contact Robert Greenwood.

Click on the thumbnail to download packaged files, which includes an InDesign file and supporting files, and a high resolution PDF. 

(PDF)                                                  (PDF)


(PDF)                                                  (PDF)

NPA Advocacy Resources

2022 is an election year, with every member of the U.S. House of Representatives up for re-election and many members of the U.S. Senate and state governors running races as well. With more PACE-specific legislation in Congress than ever before and interest in expanding PACE running high, September will be a great time to invite an elected leader to visit your PACE center.

NPA has developed a PACE Infographic Poster. If you would like to obtain printed copies, please complete this order form.

You can find individual images from the infographic poster and infographic images sized for use in social media here.

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